Unveiling the 'Lost in Translation' Collection

Dive into the "Lost in Translation Collection" and let's get real sassy, real quick. We're giving those Arabic sayings a fabulous, funny facelift, and trust us, it’s all kinds of...

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“Zyara”, The Mesmerizing Award-winning Web Docuseries Your Soul Needs Now!

By Sami Basbous Zyara is an Arabic word meaning “visit” or “meeting”. Muriel Aboulrouss and Denise Jabbour are the Lebanese directors and producers of Zyara. Through five-minute video clips, people...

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Getting Real About MENA/SWANA/Arab Identity: We Don’t All Live in The Dessert

Let's set the record straight from the get-go. The Middle East/Southwest Asia and North Africa (MENA/SWANA) region isn't just a blend of sand dunes and camels. It's a vibrant mosaic...

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Habibi, Check Yourself: The Black Community's Struggle in MENA/SWANA Regions

In the midst of the diversity of the MENA/SWANA region, the Black community has long grappled with systemic challenges that demand attention and action. Despite facing entrenched biases and enduring...

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Migraaaants: Displacement and Injustice of the "uncivilized"

Photo by: zahra Saleki   The stage is set, the spotlight's ready, and the curtains are gearing up for a show that's more than just entertainment. Welcome to Migraaaants by...

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Habibi, wrap yourself in Palestinian pride

Buckle up, because we're diving into the world of the keffiyeh, aka the hatta. This traditional Arab headdress has more history than your grandma's attic and is practically the BTS...

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Habibi, Enough With The Shame Game: Sami Basbous

Sami Basbous Original Artwork: The Ascent - 105 x 140 cm 2023   January 21, 2024 Sami Basbous   I've been handed this hefty dose of shame, as if identifying...

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Habibi, Start The Conversation! Why Is Sex Still a Taboo?

We're on a mission to turn the tide and make talking about sex in the SWANA community as casual a topic as discussing the weather. While we’re liberating the conversations...

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