A SWANA Cultural Protagonist Movement

At Habibi Plz, we proudly embrace the vibrant essence of Arab/SWANA culture. More than just a fashion brand, we are a movement dedicated to celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion within our community.


Unapologetically celebrate, curate, and create the Arab/SWANA culture, art, and expression.


We are on a mission to ignite passion in Arab/SWANA souls. Pushing boundaries and seeking more, we embrace boldness and strive to make a positive impact in the world.


Challenging Misconceptions: We're crafting our narrative with bold audacity, challenging misconceptions head-on. Standing against prejudice and narrow views.

▸ Intriguing Storytelling: Merging captivating narratives with an unreserved passion for sharing and learning, championing both individual and collective authenticity.

Living Proudly: Elevating personal perspectives while nurturing communal resilience, authentic self-assurance, and deep-seated healing. Delving into the joy of play, continually pushing boundaries, and ceaselessly pursuing fulfilling experiences.

Empowering Community and Sustainability

Amplifying Diverse Artists:At Habibi Plz, we actively invest in the Arab/SWANA community by supporting artists. A portion of our profits is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities, shaping our cultural landscape.

▸ Ethical and Sustainable Practices: We prioritize ethical sourcing and sustainability. Collaborating with B Corp certified suppliers, we produce small, often made-to-order batches to reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint

Spreading Kindness and Inclusivity: Extending our mission beyond fashion, we reinvest profits in initiatives promoting kindness, awareness, education, and inclusivity, particularly within Arab/SWANA communities, driving positive and lasting change.

Join us in this journey of embracing diversity, celebrating culture, and making a positive impact. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Habibi, let's make a difference!