Our Commitment

Our Commitment as a Social Enterprise:

At Habibi Please Inc., every purchase you make has a purpose. When beauty aligns with purpose, we create a world where communities are empowered, one design at a time. Through Habibi X, a portion of your purchases go towards building a brighter future.

Supporting Causes:

That Matter Every product you buy contributes to Habibi X. This platform is dedicated to fostering acceptance, protecting the environment, and empowering diverse talents within the Arab and SWANA communities. We believe in the power of collective action and are committed to addressing key challenges to create positive change.

  • Amplifying Arab/SWANA Artists: We celebrate the diverse talents of the Arab/SWANA community. Through our investments, we provide resources, opportunities, and platforms for artists to express their creativity and shape the cultural landscape. Our collective action fosters inclusivity, representation, and acceptance.
  • Funding Arab Climate Action Climate change: Climate Change is a pressing global challenge and we're committed to making a difference. Our investments support initiatives raising climate change awareness, promoting sustainable practices, and driving action to protect our planet in the Arab/SWANA region.
  • Fighting Stigma & Spreading Kindness: We strive for a world free from stigma and full of kindness. Through our investments, we support organizations and campaigns dedicated to raising awareness, educating communities, and fostering inclusivity. Together, we can create a more compassionate and accepting society.

Ruh Care
A variety of therapists available based on province, state or other locations. Multiple languages spoken. 
Contact here.

Mental Health + Somatic Resources for
Palestinians in Diaspora / SWANA Folks

View list here.

Sahaj Kaur Kohli, MA, LGPC, NCC
Founder of Brown Girl Therapy
Offering 3 free peer support groups for folks impacted and need a space to process, share, grieve and be in community.
Contact here.

Reem Khafagy
Offering free therapy for folks impacted by what's happening
in Palestine (1-2 week waitlist)
Contact here.

Positive Outcome Counselling
Offering virtual, drop-in group counselling for folks
impacted by what's happening in Palestine ($10 donation/session)
Contact here.

Zeena Ismail
Free Somatic Sessions For Palestine
Contact here.

Collective Care Counselling

Weaving Wellness Centre
Free psychotherapy sessions over Nov-Dec
Contact here.

Cat Turnbull touchstone Craniosacral therapy in Montreal
Free and low cost gentle bodywork/nervous system support
Contact here.

Family Constellaations NYC/Luisa Muhr Healing Arts
Free one-on-one consultation sessions for anyone who has lost family member(s) due to bombing or shootings and/or whose family member(s) was/were kidnapped and/or any immediate survivors of such current events taking place in the Middle East
Contact here.

Artemisia Mutual Aid Collective
Based in Montreal, offering free herbal medicine
Contact here.

Organizations and Fundraisers for Palestine
View here

Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Learn more here.

Nora Fathalipour is offering free support to anyone facing academic or professional discipline for speaking out about Palestine
Contact: 647-675-8933

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS)
Jewish Voice For Peace

Petition (Canada)
Petition (US)

Our History of Popular Resistance: Palestine Reading List by Palestinian Youth Movement
Read here.

More resources coming soon

Carine Abou Dahab, AD, B.A Sexology. Sexpert
Contact here.

More resources coming soon

Palestinian Artists:
Halima Aziz

More resources coming soon

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