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Habibi, Start The Conversation! Why Is Sex Still a Taboo?

We're on a mission to turn the tide and make talking about sex in the SWANA community as casual a topic as discussing the weather. While we’re liberating the conversations...

We're on a mission to turn the tide and make talking about sex in the SWANA community as casual a topic as discussing the weather. While we’re liberating the conversations about sexual intimacy, let's sashay away from the hush-hush and welcome in a new norm. But first, let me spill the tea on something even more thrilling than the red carpet: the grand release of our sensational new line, Habibi Haram Jocks.

Habibi Haram Jocks are not just a piece of fabric but a statement, a celebration of embracing our sensuality with unapologetic pride, and a symbol to change the narrative around sex in our communities. It's not just underwear; it's freedom for those who dare to dance to their own rhythm.

Now, let’s talk about the future. How do we break the silence about sex in our homes and within ourselves? In our latest exposé, "My Journey as a Sexologist: Carine Abou Dahab's, B.A. Sexology," we delved into the cultural hush-hush that surrounds the subject, relating it to fear, silence, and secrecy. Making sex a topic that we can freely discuss means being able to talk freely about women’s menstruation, addressing the shadows of sexual abuse, fostering healthier relationships, empowering others to embrace their bodies and identities, and creating an open and informed community.  

Here's your roadmap to turn the taboo into the talk of the town:

  1. Education and Awareness: Become the maestro of your own sexual symphony by educating yourself about the ins and outs of sexual health. Knowledge is power, after all!
  2. Create Safe Spaces: Wave your fabulous wand and create a safe space for your friends, family, neighbour, cat, and even the grandparents who secretly yearn to discuss the topic. Be the listening ear they didn't know they needed. Embracing questions, concerns, and stories without an ounce of judgment. Sprinkle your wisdom and guidance like confetti. They'll thank you for it.
  3. Encourage Open Dialogue: Habibi, start the conversation like you start your day—with a splash of boldness. Encourage others to spill the tea on their experiences and let's normalize this topic already -yawn- it's getting a bit dull how many people are still scared of the word sex.
  4. Use Inclusive Language: Be the linguist of love! Use language that includes everyone and creates an atmosphere of respect.
  5. Involve Professionals: Seek the wisdom of those versed in the language of love—sexologists, therapists, and educators. Their expertise is like a secret weapon in our journey for change.
  6. Challenge Cultural Norms: norms are so last season. Challenge the status quo and bring in a new era of open-mindedness. 
  7. Lead by Example: Be the trailblazer of talk! Openly discuss sex in a way that's sophisticated and as informed as a TED Talk. Show them how it's done!

With these steps, we're not just breaking the silence; we're turning up the volume on a conversation that's long overdue for a remix. So, grab your Habibi Haram jocks, fluff up your feathers, and sashay into a world where discussing sex is as fabulous as you are!



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