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A Journey of Mental Health and Support - The Right Support Can Make a Difference

December 14, 2023 By: Abrar Mechmechia   In the world of mental health and trauma support, my vision for ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services is to be a beacon...

December 14, 2023

By: Abrar Mechmechia


In the world of mental health and trauma support, my vision for ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services is to be a beacon of compassion and cultural understanding. Our organization is committed to delivering affordable, trauma-informed, art-based, and culturally sensitive mental health support tailored to the unique needs of diverse newcomers and immigrant populations.

Born in Canada but having grown up in Syria, I lived through the war and experienced firsthand the challenges of trauma. My journey led me to provide support for children and women that needed my help. This ignited a deep commitment in my heart to ensure that induvial struggling with war and displacement trauma do not have to go through their healing journey alone.

Having my own trauma resurface after arriving in Canada in 2017, I noticed a significant gap in trauma support for individuals with experiences of war and displacement. ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services officially took flight in 2020, with numerous initiatives, campaigns, and resources. With ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health, I hope to raise awareness about the importance of healing and mental well-being for newcomers and immigrant communities.

Our services are led by professionals with lived experiences, who prioritize creating safe and comfortable environments that resonates with individuals. ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services embraces diversity, vulnerability, resilience, new ideas, and passion, setting the stage for impactful healing.

We offer a range of services including family counseling, one-to-one sessions, and support groups. The support groups sessions, in particular, are popular, spanning 10-12 sessions that delve into discussions about resilience. We also offer psycho-educational workshops that recognizing the stigma often associated with therapy. These workshops play an important role in initiating conversations about mental health, breaking down barriers, and fostering a more open approach to therapy.

We also have many projects-based programming. A notable example is the "Dil Ba Dil" project, Dil Ba Dil" is a Dari phrase meaning "heart to heart.” The project is a trauma-informed weekly support group designed for Afghan refugee and newcomer women. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to addressing the unique needs of specific communities. 

Our current project revolves around a fundraiser aimed at offering free therapy to new immigrants and newcomers in need. Our objective is to achieve a fundraising target of half a million dollars in order to generate funds to expand free therapy and ongoing support groups.

This target will also establish stability for the organization to provide long-term support to the community.

The fundraising campaign commenced with a splendid gala that featured live music, talented artists, captivating performers, delectable food, and an incredible gathering of people who filled the hall with enthusiasm and love. We had items donated to us by artists and organizations including the merchandise donated by Habibi Plz that we were able to auction off. The kickoff successfully raised approximately $7,500.

As I reflect on this journey, my focus remains on ensuring that the next generation has the support they need, a commitment rooted in the belief that the right support can truly make a difference.

ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services stands as a proof to the power of empathy, cultural competence, and community-driven initiatives in fostering healing and resilience among newcomers and immigrant populations. The current project serves as not just a celebration but a significant step toward a future where mental health support is accessible to all.



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