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A Year of Solidarity: Habibi Plz at Pride NYC 2024

This year, the Habibi Plz Team made a powerful statement at Pride NYC 2024, joining over 2 million attendees and partnering with Tarab NYC to advocate for Gaza and promote...

🌈 Pride NYC 2024 was a standout event, and the Habibi Plz team made a grand entrance! Traveling from Montreal, Toronto, and Washington DC, we joined over 2 million attendees in the USA’s largest parade.

🗣️ Our message was clear: “No Pride During a Genocide.” We stood in solidarity with Gaza, making our voices heard.

🤝 Partnering with Tarab NYC, a non-profit supporting LGBTQ+ Arabs, Middle Easterners, and North Africans in NYC, we amplified our message and highlighted the plight of Palestine. #PrideNYC #Solidarity #HabibiPlz #TarabNYC #LGBTQ #Palestine

Why This Year Stood Out

Pride NYC 2024 was a unique blend of celebration and activism. The Habibi Plz team, committed to Arab/SWANA culture, used this platform to address critical issues.

Our Journey

Our team traveled from various cities to participate in this vibrant event, joining over 2 million attendees.

Solidarity with Gaza

We carried a significant message: “No Pride During a Genocide,” standing firmly with Gaza.

Collaboration with Tarab NYC

Partnering with Tarab NYC allowed us to amplify our message and bring attention to Palestine.

Join Our Mission

Habibi Plz is dedicated to community inclusion and celebrating Arab/SWANA culture. Our presence at Pride NYC 2024 reflects these values. #PrideNYC #Solidarity #HabibiPlz #TarabNYC #LGBTQ #Palestine


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